101+ Positive Good Night Quotes, To Think Positive

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The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night’s sleep.

Always end your day with positive thoughts. It doesn’t matter how hard things will be tomorrow but make it even better with positive thoughts. Good night and sweet dream! 😇

Good night. When troubles rob your sleep, remember your blessings!

The longest way must have it’s close – the gloomiest night will wear on to a morning.

I think the best way to get a good night’s sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard and, of course, work out.

Whenever you find a dream within your heart, never let it go because dreams are the small seeds from which your beautiful tomorrow grows. Good night and sleep tight!

Positive Good Night Quotes

Good night. Meditate on your word of the Lord day and night. God bless and sweet dreams.

Nighttime can seem longer than the day when you dream big dreams. Daytime lasts longer for people who make their dreams come true.

In Everything Give Thanks …. For the sweet sleep which comes with night, for the returning morning’s light.

Your dreams are the powerhouse of inspiration. Go to dreamland, knowing that you are beginning a new adventure each time. Good night, dear!

As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep. Good night.

Make sure to be thankful before bed. What you think about now will determine the state of your dreams.

Sweet dreams, good night, may your tomorrow be so bright.

Everyone has pros and cons. Even if the night is completely dark but it also helps us to sound asleep. During the nighttime, you can think deeply about your life. Don’t let go of the advantages of night. Good night and lovely dreams!

My nights are longer than my days since I am not by your side. But it’s all worth it, dreaming about you wakes me up with a smile mile wide. Good night.

She wanted none of those days to end, and it was always with disappointment that she watched the darkness stride forward.

To all, to each, a fair good-night, and pleasing dreams, and slumbers light.

The night is for fully relaxing and preparing yourself for a better tomorrow. Don’t care what has happened today, tomorrow brings always a new opportunity for everyone. Have a blessed night!

No matter how far you are, you are always in my thoughts. Good night.

Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it is morrow.

I just want to say, good night, sweet prince, may flight of angels sing thee to thy rest.

I wish I could be on the moon I would give everything to watch your sleep. Your beauty is incomparable & makes the north start seem dim. May your dreams be as wonderful as you are. Good night!

Good night. I love my life because it gave me you. I love you because you are my life.

The night breeze is blowing through my hair and the soft touch reminds me of your kisses. I wish I didn’t have to miss you this much.

Let the stars light the way to where your dreams can be found awaiting your arrival.

If you are dealing with heavy pressure due to worries, and stress, the night has come to your door for taking away all these negative thoughts. Go to bed and sleep soundly. Good night, dear!

I just can’t describe how I feel. With my loneliness, I just can’t deal. All I can think of is meeting you. This intense despair I hope you can feel too. Good night.

Although I love the stars that dot the night sky, I love the stars in your eyes even more. While I sleep, I will think about my favorite stars and wait to be with you again.

You owe it to yourself to complete the day with positive and good thoughts. Today, you woke up and did what you could. Tomorrow is your fresh start. Get a life. Good night! 😴

Come to my dreams tonight if you can, I will kiss you there. Good night.

My idea of a good night has always been having a lovely meal and a proper conversation.

Sleep is the best time to repair, but it’s hard to get a good night’s rest when we don’t dial the inner chatter down.

Never ever go to sleep with anger in your heart and mind. Lie down and let the darkness like bitterness and pain away before you sleep. Have a nice and sweet sleep. Good night!

Whatever you wish for, I wish for you too. May all your hopes, dreams, and wishes come true! Sweet dreams.

Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.

Good-night is a very simple combination of two simple words and ordinarily, it is very easy to say it. You hear it everywhere and on the lips of everybody.

Wishing you an outstanding good night’s sleep, restful rejuvenation, sweet dreams, and an energetic and bright tomorrow.

Always remember to fall asleep with a dream and wake up with a purpose. Good night.

All I wish is that the nights when we are together would never end. When we are apart, I cannot bear it. Good night, my love.

Goodnight! and sweetest dreams are thine through all their shining way, till darkness goes, and bird and rose with rapture greet the day.

The night is always longer than for those who want to dream and the day is longer than night for those who want to make these dreams come true. Happy and sweet good night.

Forget about the world, this time is yours, It’s called the night. When you can sleep tight, so just do it right? Good night.

Sleep, my Bella, dream happy dreams, you are the only one who has ever touched my heart, it will forever be yours.

Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, What more is there to say than goodnight? We’ve had a lot of fun and it’s time to toodle-oo. Au revoir, auf wiendersehn and Inka, dinks doo. Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight.

Your positive thoughts produce a positive life, so close your eyes to hoping for an amazing and bright future. Have a blessed good night and sleep tight!

Good night. Give thanks to your many blessings and watch your worries fly away.

Never let the darkness or negativity outside affect your inner self. Just wait until morning comes and the bright light will drown out the darkness. Today has been difficult, but tomorrow will be another day.

Life is full of new beginnings, and a new day tomorrow brings you, sleep well.

The moon shows me that only one can shine in the darkness. So, if you feel depressed just relax and sleep. Tomorrow will be a fantastic day! Good night!

As the night gets dark, let your worries fade. Sleep peacefully knowing you’ve done all you can do for today. Good night.

While you dream, I wish that each hope and goal come true. I just want you to receive everything that you have wished for.

Life is full of new beginnings, and a new day tomorrow brings you, sleep well.

The satisfaction of life begins when your head hits the pillow and focuses on the grandness of tomorrow. Good night!

Good night. Have a great sleep and I hope that you have a great day tomorrow. Take care and smile a lot.

Music is love, love is music, music is life, and I love my life. Thank you and good night.

Here is to hoping that angels will guard you while you dream and the gentle breezes of the night will keep you cool.

As the day is going to end, throw all your troubles and worries away. Have an outstanding night full of beautiful dreams.

Legends say when you can’t sleep at night, it’s because you’re awake in someone else’s dream.

The sun is upset now, but the moon dances in joy. Although the sun is depressed at seeing you go, the moon gets to enjoy the whole night with you.

The day is over, it’s time for rest. Sleep well my dear you gave it your best. Tomorrow comes, oh so soon, close your eyes and awake before noon.

You are one of the great personalities I’ve ever met. May you feel relaxed, knowing how great you are. Happy night and sweet dreams!

Always end the day with a positive thought. No matter how hard things were, tomorrow’s a fresh opportunity to make it better. Good night.

There is something that is big, warm, and fuzzy. Before you get too many ideas, you should know that it is a good night hug sent from me to you!

For from us the day takes flight, but, like a glowing torch in heaven, to us, the grace of God is given: It tends and guards till morning light – Good night.

Dear friend, may the dreams you’ve tonight come true tomorrow! You can achieve everything that is in your heart and mind. Good night, take care!

Good night. Before you go to sleep, think of all the things you enjoyed today and thank God for them.

I think the best way to get a good night’s sleep is to work hard throughout the day. If you work hard and, of course, work out.

Good night dear friend! I say good-night to thee. Across the moonbeams, tremulous and white, bridging all space between us!

Sleep restfully, friend, and wake up with a view of the future that is massive. You have the persistence and courage to complete everything that you set out to do. Good night my lovely, friend!

Do you know that place between sleep and awake, that place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting. Good night.

I prioritize in life. I like to work, I do TV shows, and I do a lot of Iron Man training. I enjoy kicking back on a good night and drinking wine until I go to bed, and having fun with my friends. You just have to make time for it and keep it balanced.

Good night, and hush, my little baby, sleep until the morning comes brightly…. Tomorrow at dawn, the sun will wake you.

After a very tiring day, it is the only time to take a sweet sleep. Have a magical and sweet dream night. Good night, friend!

I wish I was your blanket, I wish I was your bed, I wish I was your pillow underneath your head. I want to be around you, I want to hold you tight, and be the luckiest person who kisses you. Good night.

Tonight, I would walk a thousand miles just to be with you. Missing you, my love.

Good-morn – good night – which is best? God grant someday that I may find both true: good-morn to joy begun, good-night to sorrows left behind.

I am sending you the best messages of the day. The message is that you are so beautiful and kind-hearted person I met ever. You can do any job with great confidence. Have faith, your tomorrow will be the best day. Good night dear.

Good night, sleep tight and wake up bright. In the morning light, do what’s right, with all your might.

They say that God sprinkles his blessings upon the earth every day and I think I have caught one—it’s you! Wishing you a good night and I love you.

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